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Memorials Inoloe, Inc.

About Us

First, I would like to thank you for visiting our page dedicated to you; and at the same time give you our most sincere condolences in this very difficult time of losing a loved one.

Since 1996 when I got into the industry of cemeteries and funeral homes I realized that families did not had many options in regards to the broad selection of headstones for burials, because they only had the option presented to them from aged brochures.

All the designs were obsolete, so I began to ask what other options where available for families and I realized that there was a world of possibilities where the only limit was once imagination. So partnered with two industry professionals who show me that there was even more possibilities available than those found on the brochures. I learned though the year’s limitless possibilities and options available for families in these difficult times of hard decision.

What I first had to learn was that the first thing to do to assist families in a very professional way was to first listen to their needs. Second, I had to make proper accommodations with the cemetery regulations. These two components had been the key to our companies success “family and the regulations”. Once combined, the tombstone will allow us to remember our loved ones and choose and design the most memorable creation. The headstones will assure that lives can be documented for centuries…


Bonifacio Iñiguez

Director or Marker Design and Founder 

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