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The Process...

We proudly work with the top professionals in the industry.  We have worked with these teams extensively and they share our commitment to excellence.

Step 1.


The first meeting with the family is a difficult and delicate one because, most of the time there may be upset feelings and we begin expressing our condolences and ask for an apology if at any time we may ask tough questions that makes them remember their loved ones and makes them uncomfortable. Our goal for asking questions is to better understand and in turn assist the families with the most appropriate options and meet the requirements of the cemetery as well.

Some of the questions asked are the name of the loved one, date of birthday and when he or she passed away and if they had any A.K.A. family name. If there was a hobby if he or she liked sports, fishing, cooking, or something in particular that you remember they loved to do. All these questions will assist us to select the most appropriate tombstone design as well as the cemetery name.

Step 2.


The second step is to make a drawing with the information gathered and submit it to the family members for their approval as well as to fill out paperwork from the cemetery and deal with the proper permissions for installation as an added value to our customers (typically families have to deal with  cemetery  paperwork).

Step 3.


And finally after all the approvals are made, we proceed to make a memorable tombstone for your loved one.

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